1928 Ahrens-Fox, M-S-4 piston pumper
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It served as Engine 9 in Cincinnati until about the mid-1950’s and then was sold to an upstate Ohio volunteer department. It bounced around between 2 or 3 volunteer department over the next few years and then was placed in storage. It was the last piston pump equipped Ahrens-Fox fire engine that Cincinnati purchased in 1928. They purchased many more Ahrens-Foxes over the years, but not another equipped with a piston pump. It is also the only Ahrens-Fox that the Cincinnati Fire Shops converted to have air brakes (rear wheels only). An air compressor was mounted to the crankshaft off the front of the piston pump and supplied air to an air reservoir tank mounted under the right side frame for the brakes.

Owned by Terry Hill, a 1928 Ahrens-Fox, M-S-4 piston pumper, ex-Cincinnati, Ohio Engine 9. My Dad and I purchased it in 1982 did a complete restoration of it over about 10 years. It runs and pumps well and we’ve traveled to Boise, Idaho in 2002 for their Centennial and Victoria, British Columbia, Canada in 2008 for their 150th Anniversary. I usually show it in two local cars shows during the year also.

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